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HelloPartnering is a conference and matchmaking platform that allows delegates to contact other participants and schedule meetings with them. HelloPartnering has all tools you need to run your onsite, digital or hybrid video conferencing events.


Make your conference virtual - full support for video conference meetings

Works on any device and platform - no need to download any apps

Simple interface to upload your delegates into the partnering system (through CSV upload or API access)

Conference and partnering schedule on one page available (support for multiple conference programs)

Marketing of your event with support of our Biotechgate database and our monthly newsletter

Import profiles from Biotechgate


HelloPartnering is the perfect match-making platform to arrange one-on-one meetings. The HelloPartnering system offers all the tools required to facilitate both digital meetings via video conferencing, scheduled meetings at real-world locations and events, and even events that wish to combine both.

The pre-arranged meetings are listed in a schedule and sent to your calendar. All time data is adjusted to your time zone and a counter informs you when the next meeting starts. With just a single click you can start your video call, share your screen or start a chat.



An integrated messenger allows participants to accept or decline requests and to communicate with other delegates. The user friendly interface has been designed in a similar manner to pre-existing communication and chat apps and can be used on either desktop or mobile devices.

Import profiles from Biotechgate


HelloPartnering allows participants to enter a comprehensive profile including:

  • Company categorization
  • Product, technology and service offering
  • Specific needs or goals, advertise your need for investors, products to in-license or any specific type of client.

HelloPartnering provides the only buyer / seller partnering software, creating a real market place. Through a direct link to the global life science database Biotechgate with 50,000 companies worldwide, company data can be imported from this source or a previous conference.

With HelloPartnering, you can start with completed company profiles of your participants. No more empty profiles. HelloPartnering is currently optimized for life sciences conferences but can be easily adapted to any industry.

search for companies and investors


The system provides simple yet powerful search capabilities to filter for relevant companies, products, services, technologies and delegates. Based on defined conference goals made by a delegate, HelloPartnering makes recommendations for search features to use and companies to contact.

Agenda and meeting schedule


HelloPartnering integrates the delegate's agenda and the conference program onto one page. This makes it easy for participants to keep the overview on all relevant dates and define their availability. HelloPartnering even supports multiple conference programs, letting the user run multiple different conference topics, all within a single event. This makes it possible for delegates of different conferences to interact and schedule meetings with each other.


HelloPartnering is a product of Swiss based Venture Valuation. We have 18 years of experience with conference and partnering platforms used at numerous international conferences every year with thousands of participants. The architecture and ontology of the partnering system has been based on our global Biotechgate database. Please visit the websites of Venture Valuation and Biotechgate or contact us to learn more, get a quote or try a free demo.

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HelloPartnering is linked to the global life sciences and business development database Biotechgate. Both platforms are products of Venture Valuation, Switzerland.

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